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nsIView Class Reference

#include <nsIView.h>

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Detailed Description

View interface

Views are NOT reference counted. Use the Destroy() member function to destroy a view.

The lifetime of the view hierarchy is bounded by the lifetime of the view manager that owns the views.

Most of the methods here are read-only. To set the corresponding properties of a view, go through nsIViewManager.

Definition at line 118 of file nsIView.h.

Public Member Functions

nsresult CreateWidget (const nsIID &aWindowIID, nsWidgetInitData *aWidgetInitData=nsnull, nsNativeWidget aNative=nsnull, PRBool aEnableDragDrop=PR_TRUE, PRBool aResetVisibility=PR_TRUE, nsContentType aWindowType=eContentTypeInherit)
void Destroy ()
virtual PRBool ExternalIsRoot () const
nsRect GetBounds () const
void * GetClientData () const
nsIViewGetFirstChild () const
PRBool GetFloating () const
virtual nsIWidgetGetNearestWidget (nsPoint *aOffset) const
nsIViewGetNextSibling () const
nsPoint GetOffsetTo (const nsIView *aOther) const
float GetOpacity () const
nsIViewGetParent () const
nsPoint GetPosition () const
nsIntPoint GetScreenPosition () const
nsIViewManager * GetViewManager () const
nsViewVisibility GetVisibility () const
nsIWidgetGetWidget () const
nsViewZIndex GetZIndex () const
PRBool HasUniformBackground ()
PRBool HasWidget () const
PRBool IsRoot () const
PRBool IsTransparent () const
void SetClientData (void *aData)
void SetHasUniformBackground (PRBool aUniform)
virtual nsIScrollableViewToScrollableView ()

Static Public Member Functions

static nsIViewGetViewFor (nsIWidget *aWidget)

Protected Attributes

void * mClientData
nsRect mDimBounds
nsView * mFirstChild
nsView * mNextSibling
float mOpacity
nsView * mParent
nscoord mPosX
nscoord mPosY
PRUint32 mVFlags
nsViewManager * mViewManager
nsViewVisibility mVis
PRInt32 mZIndex

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