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PRBool nsCRT::IsAsciiAlpha ( PRUnichar  aChar  )  [static]

Determine if given char in valid alpha range

rickg 03.10.2000

aChar is character to be tested
TRUE if in alpha range

Definition at line 400 of file nsCRT.cpp.

Referenced by mozTXTToHTMLConv::CiteLevelTXT(), mozTXTToHTMLConv::FindURLStart(), mozTXTToHTMLConv::GlyphHit(), and mozTXTToHTMLConv::ItMatchesDelimited().

  // XXX i18n
  if (((aChar >= 'A') && (aChar <= 'Z')) || ((aChar >= 'a') && (aChar <= 'z'))) {
    return PR_TRUE;
  return PR_FALSE;

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