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nsPLDOMEvent Struct Reference

#include <nsPLDOMEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsPLDOMEvent:

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Detailed Description

Use nsPLDOMEvent to fire a DOM event that requires safe a stable DOM. For example, you may need to fire an event from within layout, but want to ensure that the event handler doesn't mutate the DOM at the wrong time, in order to avoid resulting instability.

Definition at line 52 of file nsPLDOMEvent.h.

Public Member Functions

void HandleEvent ()
 nsPLDOMEvent (nsIDOMNode *aEventNode, const nsAString &aEventType)
nsresult PostDOMEvent ()

Public Attributes

PRCondVar * condVar
PLDestroyEventProc destructor
PRBool handled
PLHandleEventProc handler
PRCList link
PRLock * lock
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMNodemEventNode
nsString mEventType
void * owner
void * synchronousResult

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