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NS_IMETHOD nsIFrame::DidReflow ( nsPresContext *  aPresContext,
const nsHTMLReflowState aReflowState,
nsDidReflowStatus  aStatus 
) [pure virtual]

Post-reflow hook. After a frame is reflowed this method will be called informing the frame that this reflow process is complete, and telling the frame the status returned by the Reflow member function.

This call may be invoked many times, while NS_FRAME_IN_REFLOW is set, before it is finally called once with a NS_FRAME_REFLOW_COMPLETE value. When called with a NS_FRAME_REFLOW_COMPLETE value the NS_FRAME_IN_REFLOW bit in the frame state will be cleared.

XXX This doesn't make sense. If the frame is reflowed but not complete, then the status should be NS_FRAME_NOT_COMPLETE and not NS_FRAME_COMPLETE XXX Don't we want the semantics to dictate that we only call this once for a given reflow?

Implemented in nsFormControlFrame, nsListControlFrame, and nsFrame.

Referenced by IncrementalReflow::Dispatch(), nsContainerFrame::FinishReflowChild(), nsBlockReflowContext::PlaceBlock(), nsTableOuterFrame::Reflow(), and nsTableRowFrame::ReflowChildren().

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