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void nsIPluginManager::UnregisterPlugin ( in REFNSIID  aCID  )  [inherited]

Fetches a URL.

(Corresponds to NPN_GetURL and NPN_GetURLNotify.)

pluginInst - the plugin making the request. If NULL, the URL is fetched in the background.
url - the URL to fetch
target - the target window into which to load the URL, or NULL if the data should be returned to the plugin via streamListener.
streamListener - a stream listener to be used to return data to the plugin. May be NULL if target is not NULL.
altHost - an IP-address string that will be used instead of the host specified in the URL. This is used to prevent DNS-spoofing attacks. Can be defaulted to NULL meaning use the host in the URL.
referrer - the referring URL (may be NULL)
forceJSEnabled - forces JavaScript to be enabled for 'javascript:' URLs, even if the user currently has JavaScript disabled (usually specify PR_FALSE)
- NS_OK if this operation was successful Unregister a plugin from the plugin manager
aCID the CID of the plugin to unregister.
- NS_OK if the operation was successful.

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