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nsModuleComponentInfo Struct Reference

#include <nsIGenericFactory.h>

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Detailed Description


Use this type to define a list of module component info to pass to NS_NewGenericModule.

mDescription : Class Name of given object
mCID : CID of given object
mContractID : Contract ID of given object
mConstructor : Constructor of given object
mRegisterSelfProc : (optional) Registration Callback
mUnregisterSelfProc : (optional) Unregistration Callback
mFactoryDestructor : (optional) Destruction Callback
mGetInterfacesProc : (optional) Interfaces Callback
mGetLanguageHelperProc : (optional) Language Helper Callback
mClassInfoGlobal : (optional) Global Class Info of given object
mFlags : (optional) Class Info Flags
See also:
E.g.: static nsModuleComponentInfo components[] = { ... };

See xpcom/sample/nsSampleModule.cpp for more info.

Definition at line 231 of file nsIGenericFactory.h.

Public Attributes

nsIClassInfo ** mClassInfoGlobal
NSConstructorProcPtr mConstructor
const char * mContractID
const char * mDescription
NSFactoryDestructorProcPtr mFactoryDestructor
PRUint32 mFlags
NSGetInterfacesProcPtr mGetInterfacesProc
NSGetLanguageHelperProcPtr mGetLanguageHelperProc
NSRegisterSelfProcPtr mRegisterSelfProc
NSUnregisterSelfProcPtr mUnregisterSelfProc

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