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void nsGenericHTMLElement::MapBackgroundAttributesInto ( const nsMappedAttributes *  aAttributes,
nsRuleData *  aData 
) [static, inherited]

Helper to map the background attributes (currently background and bgcolor) into a style struct.

aAttributes the list of attributes to map
aData the returned rule data [INOUT]
See also:

Definition at line 2990 of file nsGenericHTMLElement.cpp.

  if (aData->mSID != eStyleStruct_Background)

  if (aData->mColorData->mBackImage.GetUnit() == eCSSUnit_Null) {
    // background
    const nsAttrValue* value = aAttributes->GetAttr(nsHTMLAtoms::background);
    if (value && value->Type() == nsAttrValue::eString) {
      nsAutoString spec(value->GetStringValue());
      if (!spec.IsEmpty()) {
        // Resolve url to an absolute url
        // XXX this breaks if the HTML element has an xml:base
        // attribute (the xml:base will not be taken into account)
        // as well as elements with _baseHref set. We need to be able
        // to get to the element somehow, or store the base URI in the
        // attributes.
        nsIDocument* doc = aData->mPresContext->GetDocument();
        nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> uri;
        nsresult rv = nsContentUtils::NewURIWithDocumentCharset(
            getter_AddRefs(uri), spec, doc, doc->GetBaseURI());
        if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv)) {
          nsCSSValue::Image *img =
            new nsCSSValue::Image(uri, spec.get(), doc->GetDocumentURI(),
                                  doc, PR_TRUE);
          if (img) {
            if (img->mString) {
              delete img;
      else if (aData->mPresContext->CompatibilityMode() ==
               eCompatibility_NavQuirks) {
        // in NavQuirks mode, allow the empty string to set the
        // background to empty

  // bgcolor
  if (aData->mColorData->mBackColor.GetUnit() == eCSSUnit_Null) {
    const nsAttrValue* value = aAttributes->GetAttr(nsHTMLAtoms::bgcolor);
    nscolor color;
    if (value && value->GetColorValue(color)) {

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