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nsIDOMElement Interface Reference

import "nsIDOMElement.idl";

Inheritance diagram for nsIDOMElement:

nsIDOMNode nsISupports nsIDOMHTMLElement nsIXFormsUIWidget nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement nsIDOMHTMLAppletElement nsIDOMHTMLAreaElement nsIDOMHTMLBaseElement nsIDOMHTMLBaseFontElement nsIDOMHTMLBodyElement nsIDOMHTMLBRElement nsIDOMHTMLButtonElement nsIDOMHTMLCanvasElement nsIDOMHTMLDirectoryElement nsIDOMHTMLDivElement nsIDOMHTMLDListElement nsIDOMHTMLEmbedElement nsIDOMHTMLFieldSetElement nsIDOMHTMLFontElement nsIDOMHTMLFormElement nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement nsIDOMHTMLFrameSetElement nsIDOMHTMLHeadElement nsIDOMHTMLHeadingElement nsIDOMHTMLHRElement nsIDOMHTMLHtmlElement nsIDOMHTMLIFrameElement nsIDOMHTMLImageElement nsIDOMHTMLInputElement nsIDOMHTMLIsIndexElement nsIDOMHTMLLabelElement nsIDOMHTMLLegendElement nsIDOMHTMLLIElement nsIDOMHTMLLinkElement nsIDOMHTMLMapElement nsIDOMHTMLMenuElement nsIDOMHTMLMetaElement nsIDOMHTMLModElement nsIDOMHTMLObjectElement nsIDOMHTMLOListElement nsIDOMHTMLOptGroupElement nsIDOMHTMLOptionElement nsIDOMHTMLParagraphElement nsIDOMHTMLParamElement nsIDOMHTMLPreElement nsIDOMHTMLQuoteElement nsIDOMHTMLScriptElement nsIDOMHTMLSelectElement nsIDOMHTMLStyleElement nsIDOMHTMLTableCaptionElement nsIDOMHTMLTableCellElement nsIDOMHTMLTableColElement nsIDOMHTMLTableElement nsIDOMHTMLTableRowElement nsIDOMHTMLTableSectionElement nsIDOMHTMLTextAreaElement nsIDOMHTMLTitleElement nsIDOMHTMLUListElement nsIDOMSVGMarkerElement nsIDOMXULTreeElement nsGenConImageContent

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The nsIDOMElement interface represents an element in an HTML or XML document.

For more information on this interface please see http://www.w3.org/TR/DOM-Level-2-Core/


Definition at line 53 of file nsIDOMElement.idl.

Public Member Functions

nsIDOMNode appendChild (in nsIDOMNode newChild) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMNode cloneNode (in boolean deep)
DOMString getAttribute (in DOMString name)
nsIDOMAttr getAttributeNode (in DOMString name)
nsIDOMAttr getAttributeNodeNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName)
DOMString getAttributeNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName)
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByTagName (in DOMString name)
nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByTagNameNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName)
boolean hasAttribute (in DOMString name)
boolean hasAttributeNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName)
boolean hasAttributes ()
boolean hasChildNodes ()
nsIDOMNode insertBefore (in nsIDOMNode newChild, in nsIDOMNode refChild) raises (DOMException)
boolean isSupported (in DOMString feature, in DOMString version)
void normalize ()
void removeAttribute (in DOMString name) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMAttr removeAttributeNode (in nsIDOMAttr oldAttr) raises (DOMException)
void removeAttributeNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMNode removeChild (in nsIDOMNode oldChild) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMNode replaceChild (in nsIDOMNode newChild, in nsIDOMNode oldChild) raises (DOMException)
void setAttribute (in DOMString name, in DOMString value) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMAttr setAttributeNode (in nsIDOMAttr newAttr) raises (DOMException)
nsIDOMAttr setAttributeNodeNS (in nsIDOMAttr newAttr) raises (DOMException)
void setAttributeNS (in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString qualifiedName, in DOMString value) raises (DOMException)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Public Attributes

const unsigned short ATTRIBUTE_NODE = 2
readonly attribute
const unsigned short CDATA_SECTION_NODE = 4
readonly attribute nsIDOMNodeList childNodes
const unsigned short COMMENT_NODE = 8
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE = 11
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_NODE = 9
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE = 10
const unsigned short ELEMENT_NODE = 1
const unsigned short ENTITY_NODE = 6
const unsigned short ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE = 5
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode firstChild
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode lastChild
readonly attribute DOMString localName
readonly attribute DOMString namespaceURI
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode nextSibling
readonly attribute DOMString nodeName
readonly attribute unsigned short nodeType
attribute DOMString nodeValue
const unsigned short NOTATION_NODE = 12
readonly attribute nsIDOMDocument ownerDocument
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode parentNode
attribute DOMString prefix
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode previousSibling
const unsigned short PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE = 7
readonly attribute DOMString tagName
const unsigned short TEXT_NODE = 3

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