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virtual PRBool nsIContent::IsContentOfType ( PRUint32  aFlags  )  const [pure virtual, inherited]

API for doing a quick check if a content object is of a given type, such as HTML, XUL, Text, ... Use this when you can instead of checking the tag.

aFlags what types you want to test for (see above, eTEXT, eELEMENT, eHTML, eHTML_FORM_CONTROL, eXUL)
whether the content matches ALL flags passed in

Implemented in nsGenericElement, nsTextNode, nsGenericHTMLElement, and nsGenericHTMLFormElement.

Referenced by nsGenericElement::BindToTree(), nsGenericHTMLElement::FindForm(), nsGenericHTMLElement::FromContent(), nsGenericElement::GetContentsAsText(), nsIFrame::GetExtremeCaretPosition(), nsFormControlHelper::GetName(), nsFormControlHelper::GetValueAttr(), nsFormControlHelper::GetWrapProperty(), nsIFrame::IsFocusable(), and nsContentList::Match().

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