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nsISVGGlyphMetricsSource Interface Reference
[Rendering Backend Interfaces]

import "nsISVGGlyphMetricsSource.idl";

Inheritance diagram for nsISVGGlyphMetricsSource:

nsISVGGeometrySource nsISupports nsISVGGlyphGeometrySource

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Detailed Description

Abstracts a description of a 'composite glyph' (character string with associated font and styling information) in the SVG rendering backend for use by a rendering engine's nsISVGRendererGlyphMetrics objects.

An engine-native glyph metrics object will be informed of changes in its associated composite glyph with a call to its nsISVGRendererGlyphMetrics::update() method with an OR-ed combination of the UPDATEMASK_* constants defined in this interface (and its base-interface).

Definition at line 74 of file nsISVGGlyphMetricsSource.idl.

Canvas transform matrix

readonly attribute nsIDOMSVGMatrix canvasTM
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_CANVAS_TM = 0x00000002

Character data

readonly attribute DOMString characterData
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_CHARACTER_DATA = 0x00010000

Fill rule

readonly attribute unsigned short clipRule
const unsigned short FILL_RULE_EVENODD = 1
const unsigned short FILL_RULE_NONZERO = 0
readonly attribute unsigned short fillRule
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_FILL_RULE = 0x00000400

Fill opacity

readonly attribute float fillOpacity
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_FILL_OPACITY = 0x00000200

Fill paint

readonly attribute nscolor fillPaint
readonly attribute unsigned short fillPaintServerType
readonly attribute unsigned short fillPaintType
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_FILL_PAINT = 0x00008000
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_FILL_PAINT_TYPE = 0x00004000
void GetFillGradient (out nsISVGGradient aGrad)


readonly attribute nsFont font
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_FONT = 0x00008000

Paint type constants for stroke and fill paint

const unsigned short PAINT_TYPE_GRADIENT = 3
const unsigned short PAINT_TYPE_NONE = 0
const unsigned short PAINT_TYPE_PATTERN = 4
const unsigned short PAINT_TYPE_SERVER = 2
const unsigned short PAINT_TYPE_SOLID_COLOR = 1

Presentation context

readonly attribute nsPresContext presContext
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_PRES_CONTEXT = 0x00000001

Stroke line-cap

const unsigned short STROKE_LINECAP_BUTT = 0
const unsigned short STROKE_LINECAP_ROUND = 1
const unsigned short STROKE_LINECAP_SQUARE = 2
readonly attribute unsigned short strokeLinecap
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_LINECAP = 0x00000040

Stroke line-join

const unsigned short STROKE_LINEJOIN_BEVEL = 2
const unsigned short STROKE_LINEJOIN_MITER = 0
const unsigned short STROKE_LINEJOIN_ROUND = 1
readonly attribute unsigned short strokeLinejoin
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_LINEJOIN = 0x00000080

Stroke dash-offset

readonly attribute float strokeDashoffset
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_DASHOFFSET = 0x00000020


readonly attribute float strokeMiterlimit
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_MITERLIMIT = 0x00000100

Stroke opacity

readonly attribute float strokeOpacity
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_OPACITY = 0x00000004

Stroke paint

readonly attribute nscolor strokePaint
readonly attribute unsigned short strokePaintServerType
readonly attribute unsigned short strokePaintType
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_PAINT = 0x00001000
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_PAINT_TYPE = 0x00000800
void GetStrokeGradient (out nsISVGGradient aGrad)

Stroke width

readonly attribute float strokeWidth
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_WIDTH = 0x00000008

Text rendering mode

const unsigned short TEXT_RENDERING_AUTO = 0
const unsigned short TEXT_RENDERING_OPTIMIZESPEED = 1
readonly attribute unsigned short textRendering
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_TEXT_RENDERING = 0x00040000

Generic updatemasks

const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_ALL = 0xFFFFFFFF
const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_NOTHING = 0x00000000

Character positioning information

const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_CHARACTER_POSITION = 0x00020000
void GetCharacterPosition (out nsSVGCharacterPosition aCP)

Stroke dash-array

const unsigned long UPDATEMASK_STROKE_DASH_ARRAY = 0x00000010
void getStrokeDashArray ([array, size_is(count)] out float arr, out unsigned long count)


 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Public Member Functions

boolean IsClipChild ()

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