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nsStringBuffer Class Reference

#include <nsStringBuffer.h>

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Detailed Description

This structure precedes the string buffers "we" allocate. It may be the case that nsTAString::mData does not point to one of these special buffers. The mFlags member variable distinguishes the buffer type.

When this header is in use, it enables reference counting, and capacity tracking. NOTE: A string buffer can be modified only if its reference count is 1.

Definition at line 51 of file nsStringBuffer.h.

Public Member Functions

void * Data () const
PRBool IsReadonly () const
NS_COM void NS_FASTCALL Release ()
PRUint32 StorageSize () const
NS_COM void ToString (PRUint32 len, nsACString &str)
NS_COM void ToString (PRUint32 len, nsAString &str)

Static Public Member Functions

static NS_COM nsStringBufferAlloc (size_t storageSize)
static nsStringBufferFromData (void *data)
static NS_COM nsStringBufferFromString (const nsACString &str)
static NS_COM nsStringBufferFromString (const nsAString &str)
static NS_COM nsStringBufferRealloc (nsStringBuffer *buf, size_t storageSize)

Private Attributes

PRInt32 mRefCount
PRUint32 mStorageSize

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