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nsXMLNameSpaceMap Class Reference

#include <nsXMLNameSpaceMap.h>

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Detailed Description

nsXMLNameSpaceMap contains a set of prefixes which are mapped onto namespaces. It allows the set to be searched by prefix or by namespace ID.

Definition at line 50 of file nsXMLNameSpaceMap.h.

Public Member Functions

 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) Clear()
 NS_HIDDEN_ (nsIAtom *) FindPrefix(PRInt32 aNameSpaceID) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) FindNameSpaceID(nsIAtom *aPrefix) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) RemovePrefix(nsIAtom *aPrefix)
 NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) AddPrefix(nsIAtom *aPrefix
 NS_HIDDEN_ (nsresult) AddPrefix(nsIAtom *aPrefix

Static Public Member Functions

static NS_HIDDEN_ (nsXMLNameSpaceMap *) Create()

Public Attributes

PRInt32 aNameSpaceID

Private Attributes

nsVoidArray mNameSpaces

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