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IAccessibleValue Interface Reference

import "AccessibleValue.idl";

Inheritance diagram for IAccessibleValue:

nsAccessibleWrap nsApplicationAccessible nsEnumRoleAccessible nsHTMLSelectableAccessible nsHyperTextAccessible nsLeafAccessible nsXFormsCalendarWidgetAccessible nsXULColumnsAccessible nsXULComboboxAccessible nsXULTabBoxAccessible nsXULTabpanelAccessible

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Detailed Description

This interface gives access to a single numerical value.

The IAccessibleValue interface represents a single numerical value and should be implemented by any class that supports numerical value like progress bars and spin boxes. This interface lets you access the value and its upper and lower bounds.

Definition at line 38 of file AccessibleValue.idl.

Public Member Functions

HRESULT setCurrentValue ([in] VARIANT value)
 Sets the value of this object to the given number.


VARIANT currentValue [get]
 Returns the value of this object as a number.
VARIANT maximumValue [get]
 Returns the maximal value that can be represented by this object.
VARIANT minimumValue [get]
 Returns the minimal value that can be represented by this object.

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