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import unittest

import sys
import os.path
sys.path.append(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '..'))

from Expression import Expression, Context

00009 class TestContext(unittest.TestCase):
  Unit tests for the Context class

  def setUp(self):
    self.c = Context()
    self.c['FAIL'] = 'PASS'

00018   def test_string_literal(self):
    """test string literal, fall-through for undefined var in a Context"""
    self.assertEqual(self.c['PASS'], 'PASS')

00022   def test_variable(self):
    """test value for defined var in the Context class"""
    self.assertEqual(self.c['FAIL'], 'PASS')

00026   def test_in(self):
    """test 'var in context' to not fall for fallback"""
    self.assert_('FAIL' in self.c)
    self.assert_('PASS' not in self.c)

00031 class TestExpression(unittest.TestCase):
  Unit tests for the Expression class
  evaluate() is called with a context {FAIL: 'PASS'}

  def setUp(self):
    self.c = Context()
    self.c['FAIL'] = 'PASS'

00041   def test_string_literal(self):
    """Test for a string literal in an Expression"""
    self.assertEqual(Expression('PASS').evaluate(self.c), 'PASS')

00045   def test_variable(self):
    """Test for variable value in an Expression"""
    self.assertEqual(Expression('FAIL').evaluate(self.c), 'PASS')

00049   def test_not(self):
    """Test for the ! operator"""
    self.assert_(not Expression('!1').evaluate(self.c))

00054   def test_equals(self):
    """ Test for the == operator"""
    self.assert_(Expression('FAIL == PASS').evaluate(self.c))

00058   def test_notequals(self):
    """ Test for the != operator"""
    self.assert_(Expression('FAIL != 1').evaluate(self.c))

if __name__ == '__main__':

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