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PRBool nsContentList::MatchSelf ( nsIContent aContent  )  [protected]

Match recursively. See if anything in the subtree rooted at aContent matches our criterion.

aContent the root of the subtree to match against
whether we match something in the tree rooted at aContent

Definition at line 682 of file nsContentList.cpp.

References nsINode::GetChildAt(), nsINode::GetChildCount(), nsINode::GetNodeParent(), Match(), and mDeep.

  NS_PRECONDITION(aContent, "Can't match null stuff, you know");
  NS_PRECONDITION(mDeep || aContent->GetNodeParent() == mRootNode,
                  "MatchSelf called on a node that we can't possibly match");
  if (Match(aContent))
    return PR_TRUE;

  if (!mDeep)
    return PR_FALSE;

  PRUint32 i, count = aContent->GetChildCount();

  for (i = 0; i < count; i++) {
    if (MatchSelf(aContent->GetChildAt(i))) {
      return PR_TRUE;
  return PR_FALSE;

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