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IAccessibleHyperlink Interface Reference

import "AccessibleHyperlink.idl";

Inheritance diagram for IAccessibleHyperlink:

IAccessibleAction nsAccessibleWrap nsApplicationAccessible nsEnumRoleAccessible nsHTMLSelectableAccessible nsHyperTextAccessible nsLeafAccessible nsXFormsCalendarWidgetAccessible nsXULColumnsAccessible nsXULComboboxAccessible nsXULTabBoxAccessible nsXULTabpanelAccessible

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Detailed Description

This interface represents hyperlinks.

This interface represents a hyperlink associated with a single substring of text or single non-text object. Non-text objects can have either a single link or a collection of links such as when the non-text object is an image map.

Linked objects and anchors are implementation dependent. This interface is derived from IAccessibleAction. IAccessibleAction::nActions indicates the maximum value for the indices used with the methods of this interface.

Furthermore, the object that implements this interface has to be connected implicitly or explicitly with an object that implements IAccessibleText. IAccessibleHyperlink::startIndex and IAccessibleHyperlink::endIndex are indices with respect to the text exposed by IAccessibleText.

Definition at line 48 of file AccessibleHyperlink.idl.

Public Member Functions

HRESULT doAction ([in] long actionIndex)
 Performs the specified Action on the object.
HRESULT nActions ([out, retval] long *nActions)
 Returns the number of accessible actions available in this object.


VARIANT anchor ([in] long index) [get]
 Returns an object that represents the link anchor, as appropriate for the link at the specified index.
VARIANT anchorTarget ([in] long index) [get]
 Returns an object representing the target of the link, as appropriate for the link at the specified index.
BSTR description ([in] long actionIndex) [get]
 Returns a description of the specified action of the object.
long endIndex [get]
 Returns the index at which the textual rerpesentation of the hyperlink ends.
long keyBinding ([in] long actionIndex,[in] long nMaxBinding,[out, size_is(, nMaxBinding), length_is(,*nBinding)] BSTR keyBinding) [get]
 Returns an array of BSTRs describing one or more key bindings, if there are any, associated with the specified action.
BSTR localizedName ([in] long actionIndex) [get]
 Returns the localized name of specified action.
BSTR name ([in] long actionIndex) [get]
 Returns the non-localized name of specified action.
long startIndex [get]
 Returns the index at which the textual representation of the hyperlink starts.
boolean valid [get]
 Returns whether the target object referenced by this link is still valid.

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