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const unsigned long nsIProtocolHandler::URI_LOADABLE_BY_ANYONE = (1<<6)

+-------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | ALL PROTOCOL HANDLERS MUST SET ONE OF THE FOLLOWING FOUR FLAGS. | | | +-------------------------------------------------------------------+

These flags are used to determine who is allowed to load URIs for this protocol. Note that if a URI is nested, only the flags for the innermost URI matter. See nsINestedURI.

If none of these four flags are set, the URI must be treated as if it had the URI_LOADABLE_BY_ANYONE flag set, for compatibility with protocol handlers written against Gecko 1.8 or earlier. In this case, there may be run-time warning messages indicating that a "default insecure" assumption is being made. At some point in the futures (Mozilla 2.0, most likely), these warnings will become errors. The URIs for this protocol can be loaded by anyone. For example, any website should be allowed to trigger a load of a URI for this protocol. Web-safe protocols like "http" should set this flag.

Definition at line 183 of file nsIProtocolHandler.idl.

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