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nsIScriptElement Class Reference

#include <nsIScriptElement.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsIScriptElement:

nsISupports nsScriptElement

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Detailed Description

Internal interface implemented by script elements

Definition at line 54 of file nsIScriptElement.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void GetScriptCharset (nsAString &charset)=0
PRUint32 GetScriptLineNumber ()
virtual void GetScriptText (nsAString &text)=0
virtual void GetScriptType (nsAString &type)=0
virtual already_AddRefed< nsIURI > GetScriptURI ()=0
PRBool IsMalformed ()
void PreventExecution ()
void scriptAvailable (in nsresult aResult, in nsIScriptElement aElement, in boolean aIsInline, in nsIURI aURI, in PRInt32 aLineNo)
void scriptEvaluated (in nsresult aResult, in nsIScriptElement aElement, in boolean aIsInline)
void SetIsMalformed ()
void SetScriptLineNumber (PRUint32 aLineNumber)
void WillCallDoneAddingChildren ()
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Protected Attributes

PRPackedBool mDoneAddingChildren
PRPackedBool mIsEvaluated
PRUint32 mLineNumber
PRPackedBool mMalformed

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