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BookmarkContentSink Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The content sink stuff is based loosely on

Definition at line 335 of file nsPlacesImportExportService.cpp.

Public Member Functions

NS_IMETHOD AddComment (const nsIParserNode &aNode)
NS_IMETHOD AddDocTypeDecl (const nsIParserNode &aNode)
NS_IMETHOD AddLeaf (const nsIParserNode &aNode)
NS_IMETHOD AddProcessingInstruction (const nsIParserNode &aNode)
NS_IMETHOD BeginContext (PRInt32 aPosition)
NS_IMETHOD CloseContainer (const nsHTMLTag aTag)
NS_IMETHOD CloseMalformedContainer (const nsHTMLTag aTag)
NS_IMETHOD DidBuildModel ()
NS_IMETHOD DidProcessAToken ()
NS_IMETHOD DidProcessTokens ()
NS_IMETHOD EndContext (PRInt32 aPosition)
virtual void FlushPendingNotifications (mozFlushType aType)
virtual nsISupportsGetTarget ()
nsresult Init (PRBool aAllowRootChanges, nsINavBookmarksService *bookmarkService, PRInt64 aFolder, PRBool aIsImportDefaults)
NS_IMETHOD IsEnabled (PRInt32 aTag, PRBool *aReturn)
NS_IMETHOD NotifyTagObservers (nsIParserNode *aNode)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (PRBool) IsFormOnStack()
NS_IMETHOD OpenContainer (const nsIParserNode &aNode)
NS_IMETHOD OpenHead ()
NS_IMETHOD SetDocumentCharset (nsACString &aCharset)
NS_IMETHOD SetParser (nsIParser *aParser)
NS_IMETHOD WillBuildModel ()
NS_IMETHOD WillInterrupt ()
NS_IMETHOD WillProcessAToken ()
NS_IMETHOD WillProcessTokens ()
NS_IMETHOD WillResume ()
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Protected Member Functions

PRTime ConvertImportedDateToInternalDate (const nsACString &aDate)
PRInt64 ConvertImportedIdToInternalId (const nsCString &aId)
BookmarkImportFrame & CurFrame ()
void HandleContainerBegin (const nsIParserNode &node)
void HandleContainerEnd ()
void HandleHead1Begin (const nsIParserNode &node)
void HandleHeadBegin (const nsIParserNode &node)
void HandleHeadEnd ()
void HandleLinkBegin (const nsIParserNode &node)
void HandleLinkEnd ()
void HandleSeparator (const nsIParserNode &node)
nsresult NewFrame ()
nsresult PopFrame ()
BookmarkImportFrame & PreviousFrame ()
nsresult SetFaviconForURI (nsIURI *aPageURI, nsIURI *aFaviconURI, const nsCString &aData)

Protected Attributes

PRBool mAllowRootChanges
nsCOMPtr< nsIAnnotationService > mAnnotationService
nsCOMPtr< nsINavBookmarksServicemBookmarksService
PRBool mFolderSpecified
nsTArray< BookmarkImportFrame > mFrames
nsCOMPtr< nsINavHistoryService > mHistoryService
PRBool mIsImportDefaults
nsCOMPtr< nsILivemarkService > mLivemarkService
nsCOMPtr< nsIMicrosummaryService > mMicrosummaryService

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