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nsIParserNode Class Reference

#include <nsIParserNode.h>

Inherited by nsCParserNode.

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Detailed Description

Parser nodes are the unit of exchange between the parser and the content sink. Nodes offer access to the current token, its attributes, and its skipped- content if applicable.

gess 3/25/98

Definition at line 82 of file nsIParserNode.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddAttribute (CToken *aToken)=0
virtual PRInt32 GetAttributeCount (PRBool askToken=PR_FALSE) const =0
virtual PRBool GetGenericState (void) const =0
virtual const nsAStringGetKeyAt (PRUint32 anIndex) const =0
virtual PRInt32 GetNodeType () const =0
virtual void GetSource (nsString &aString) const =0
virtual PRInt32 GetSourceLineNumber (void) const =0
virtual const nsAStringGetTagName () const =0
virtual const nsAStringGetText () const =0
virtual PRInt32 GetTokenType () const =0
virtual const nsAStringGetValueAt (PRUint32 anIndex) const =0
virtual nsresult ReleaseAll ()=0
virtual void SetGenericState (PRBool aState)=0
virtual PRInt32 TranslateToUnicodeStr (nsString &aString) const =0

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