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virtual void nsIContent::UnbindFromTree ( PRBool  aDeep = PR_TRUE,
PRBool  aNullParent = PR_TRUE 
) [pure virtual]

Unbind this content node from a tree. This will set its current document and binding parent to null. In the typical case of a node being removed from a parent, this will be called after it has been removed from the parent's child list and after the nsIDocumentObserver notifications for the removal have been dispatched.

aDeep Whether to recursively unbind the entire subtree rooted at this node. The only time PR_FALSE should be passed is when the parent node of the content is being destroyed.
aNullParent Whether to null out the parent pointer as well. This is usually desirable. This argument should only be false while recursively calling UnbindFromTree when a subtree is detached.
This method is safe to call on nodes that are not bound to a tree.

Implemented in nsGenericElement, nsAttributeTextNode, nsGenericHTMLElement, nsGenericHTMLFormElement, and nsGenericHTMLFrameElement.

Referenced by nsContainerFrame::Destroy(), and nsGenericElement::doInsertChildAt().

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