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virtual PRBool nsIContent::IsFocusable ( PRInt32 *  aTabIndex = nsnull  )  [inline, virtual, inherited]

Check if this content is focusable and in the current tab order. Note: most callers should use nsIFrame::IsFocusable() instead as it checks visibility and other layout factors as well. Tabbable is indicated by a nonnegative tabindex & is a subset of focusable. For example, only the selected radio button in a group is in the tab order, unless the radio group has no selection in which case all of the visible, non-disabled radio buttons in the group are in the tab order. On the other hand, all of the visible, non-disabled radio buttons are always focusable via clicking or script. Also, depending on either the accessibility.tabfocus pref or a system setting (nowadays: Full keyboard access, mac only) some widgets may be focusable but removed from the tab order.

[inout,optional] aTabIndex the computed tab index In: default tabindex for element (-1 nonfocusable, == 0 focusable) Out: computed tabindex
[optional] aTabIndex the computed tab index < 0 if not tabbable == 0 if in normal tab order > 0 can be tabbed to in the order specified by this value
whether the content is focusable via mouse, kbd or script.

Reimplemented in nsGenericHTMLElement.

Definition at line 498 of file nsIContent.h.

Referenced by nsIFrame::IsFocusable().

    if (aTabIndex) 
      *aTabIndex = -1; // Default, not tabbable
    return PR_FALSE;

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