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PRBool CaseInsensitiveCompare ( XPCCallContext &  ccx,
const PRUnichar *  lhs,
size_t  lhsLength,
jsval  rhs 
) [inline]

Compares a PRUnichar and a JS string ignoring case

ccx an XPConnect call context
lhr the PRUnichar string to be compared
lhsLength the length of the PRUnichar string
rhs the JS value that is the other string to compare
true if the strings are equal

Definition at line 290 of file XPCDispInterface.cpp.

References xpc_JSString2PRUnichar().

Referenced by XPCDispInterface::FindMemberCI().

    if(lhsLength == 0)
        return PR_FALSE;
    size_t rhsLength;
    PRUnichar* rhsString = xpc_JSString2PRUnichar(ccx, rhs, &rhsLength);
    return rhsString && 
        lhsLength == rhsLength &&
        _wcsnicmp(lhs, rhsString, lhsLength) == 0;

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