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nsTextFragment Class Reference

#include <nsTextFragment.h>

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Detailed Description

A fragment of text. If mIs2b is 1 then the m2b pointer is valid otherwise the m1b pointer is valid. If m1b is used then each byte of data represents a single ucs2 character with the high byte being zero.

This class does not have a virtual destructor therefore it is not meant to be subclassed.

Definition at line 80 of file nsTextFragment.h.

Public Member Functions

void Append (const PRUnichar *aBuffer, PRUint32 aLength)
void AppendTo (nsAString &aString, PRInt32 aOffset, PRInt32 aLength) const
void AppendTo (nsAString &aString) const
PRUnichar CharAt (PRInt32 aIndex) const
void CopyTo (PRUnichar *aDest, PRInt32 aOffset, PRInt32 aCount)
const char * Get1b () const
const PRUnichar * Get2b () const
PRUint32 GetLength () const
PRBool Is2b () const
PRBool IsBidi () const
 nsTextFragment ()
nsTextFragmentoperator= (const nsTextFragment &aOther)
void SetBidiFlag ()
void SetTo (const PRUnichar *aBuffer, PRInt32 aLength)

Static Public Member Functions

static nsresult Init ()
static void Shutdown ()

Private Member Functions

void ReleaseText ()

Private Attributes

union {
   const char *   m1b
   PRUnichar *   m2b
union {
   PRUint32   mAllBits
   FragmentBits   mState


struct  FragmentBits

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