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gfxASurface Class Reference

#include <gfxASurface.h>

Inheritance diagram for gfxASurface:

gfxGlitzSurface gfxImageSurface gfxUnknownSurface

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Detailed Description

A surface is something you can draw on. Instantiate a subclass of this abstract class, and use gfxContext to draw on this surface.

Definition at line 53 of file gfxASurface.h.

Public Types

enum  gfxContentType { CONTENT_COLOR = 0x1000, CONTENT_ALPHA = 0x2000, CONTENT_COLOR_ALPHA = 0x3000 }
enum  gfxImageFormat {
  ImageFormatARGB32, ImageFormatRGB24, ImageFormatA8, ImageFormatA1,
enum  gfxSurfaceType {
  SurfaceTypeImage, SurfaceTypePDF, SurfaceTypePS, SurfaceTypeXlib,
  SurfaceTypeXcb, SurfaceTypeGlitz, SurfaceTypeQuartz, SurfaceTypeWin32,
  SurfaceTypeBeOS, SurfaceTypeDirectFB, SurfaceTypeSVG, SurfaceTypeOS2,
  SurfaceTypeWin32Printing, SurfaceTypeQuartzImage

Public Member Functions

virtual nsresult AbortPrinting ()
nsrefcnt AddRef (void)
virtual nsresult BeginPage ()
virtual nsresult BeginPrinting (const nsAString &aTitle, const nsAString &aPrintToFileName)
int CairoStatus ()
cairo_surface_t * CairoSurface ()
virtual nsresult EndPage ()
virtual nsresult EndPrinting ()
virtual void Finish ()
void Flush ()
gfxContentType GetContentType () const
void * GetData (const cairo_user_data_key_t *key)
virtual PRInt32 GetDefaultContextFlags () const
gfxPoint GetDeviceOffset () const
gfxSurfaceType GetType () const
void MarkDirty (const gfxRect &r)
void MarkDirty ()
nsrefcnt Release (void)
void SetData (const cairo_user_data_key_t *key, void *user_data, thebes_destroy_func_t destroy)
void SetDeviceOffset (const gfxPoint &offset)

Static Public Member Functions

static PRBool CheckSurfaceSize (const gfxIntSize &sz, PRInt32 limit=0)
static already_AddRefed
< gfxASurface
Wrap (cairo_surface_t *csurf)

Protected Member Functions

void Init (cairo_surface_t *surface, PRBool existingSurface=PR_FALSE)

Static Protected Member Functions

static gfxASurfaceGetSurfaceWrapper (cairo_surface_t *csurf)
static void SetSurfaceWrapper (cairo_surface_t *csurf, gfxASurface *asurf)

Protected Attributes

PRPackedBool mSurfaceValid

Static Private Member Functions

static void SurfaceDestroyFunc (void *data)

Private Attributes

PRInt32 mFloatingRefs
cairo_surface_t * mSurface

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