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nsIURI nsIProtocolHandler::newURI ( in AUTF8String  aSpec,
in string  aOriginCharset,
in nsIURI  aBaseURI 

Makes a URI object that is suitable for loading by this protocol, where the URI string is given as an UTF-8 string. The caller may provide the charset from which the URI string originated, so that the URI string can be translated back to that charset (if necessary) before communicating with, for example, the origin server of the URI string. (Many servers do not support UTF-8 IRIs at the present time, so we must be careful about tracking the native charset of the origin server.)

aSpec - the URI string in UTF-8 encoding. depending on the protocol implementation, unicode character sequences may or may not be xx escaped.
aOriginCharset - the charset of the document from which this URI string originated. this corresponds to the charset that should be used when communicating this URI to an origin server, for example. if null, then UTF-8 encoding is assumed (i.e., no charset transformation from aSpec).
aBaseURI - if null, aSpec must specify an absolute URI. otherwise, aSpec may be resolved relative to aBaseURI, depending on the protocol. If the protocol has no concept of relative URI aBaseURI will simply be ignored.

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