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nsITimer Interface Reference

import "nsITimer.idl";

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Detailed Description

nsITimer instances must be initialized by calling one of the "init" methods documented below. You may also re-initialize an existing instance with new delay to avoid the overhead of destroying and creating a timer. It is not necessary to cancel the timer in that case.

Definition at line 86 of file nsITimer.idl.

Public Member Functions

void cancel ()
void init (in nsIObserver aObserver, in unsigned long aDelay, in unsigned long aType)
void initWithCallback (in nsITimerCallback aCallback, in unsigned long aDelay, in unsigned long aType)
void initWithFuncCallback (in nsTimerCallbackFunc aCallback, in voidPtr aClosure, in unsigned long aDelay, in unsigned long aType)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Public Attributes

readonly attribute nsITimerCallback callback
readonly attribute voidPtr closure
attribute unsigned long delay
attribute unsigned long type
const short TYPE_ONE_SHOT = 0
const short TYPE_REPEATING_SLACK = 1

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