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PRBool nsObjectLoadingContent::CanHandleURI ( nsIURI *  aURI  )  [static, private]

Check whether the URI can be handled internally.

Definition at line 1369 of file nsObjectLoadingContent.cpp.

Referenced by LoadObject().

  nsCAutoString scheme;
  if (NS_FAILED(aURI->GetScheme(scheme))) {
    return PR_FALSE;

  nsIIOService* ios = nsContentUtils::GetIOService();
  if (!ios)
    return PR_FALSE;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIProtocolHandler> handler;
  ios->GetProtocolHandler(scheme.get(), getter_AddRefs(handler));
  if (!handler) {
    return PR_FALSE;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIExternalProtocolHandler> extHandler =
  // We can handle this URI if its protocol handler is not the external one
  return extHandler == nsnull;

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