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void nsObjectLoadingContent::HandleBeingBlockedByContentPolicy ( nsresult  aStatus,
PRInt16  aRetval 
) [private]

Handle being blocked by a content policy. aStatus is the nsresult return value of the Should* call, while aRetval is what it returned in its out parameter.

Definition at line 1640 of file nsObjectLoadingContent.cpp.

References nsIContentPolicy::REJECT_SERVER, nsIContentPolicy::REJECT_TYPE, and UnloadContent().

Referenced by LoadObject().

  // Must call UnloadContent first, as it overwrites
  // mSuppressed/mUserDisabled. It also takes care of setting the type to
  // eType_Null.
  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(aStatus)) {
    if (aRetval == nsIContentPolicy::REJECT_TYPE) {
      mUserDisabled = PR_TRUE;
    } else if (aRetval == nsIContentPolicy::REJECT_SERVER) {
      mSuppressed = PR_TRUE;

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