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nsIPluginInstance Interface Reference

import "nsIPluginInstance.idl";

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Originally published XPCOM Plugin API is now deprecated Developers are welcome to use NPAPI, please refer to: http://mozilla.org/projects/plugins/ The nsIPluginInstance interface is the minimum interface plugin developers need to support in order to implement a plugin instance. The plugin manager may QueryInterface for more specific types, e.g. nsILiveConnectPluginInstance.

(Corresponds to NPP object.)

The old NPP_Destroy call has been factored into two plugin instance methods:

Stop -- called when the plugin instance is to be stopped (e.g. by displaying another plugin manager window, causing the page containing the plugin to become removed from the display).

Destroy -- called once, before the plugin instance peer is to be destroyed. This method is used to destroy the plugin instance.

Definition at line 487 of file nsIPluginInstance.idl.

Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
void getValue (in nsPluginInstanceVariable aVariable, in voidPtr aValue)
void handleEvent (in nsPluginEventPtr aEvent, out boolean aHandled)
void initialize (in nsIPluginInstancePeer aPeer)
void newStream (out nsIPluginStreamListener aListener)
void print (in nsPluginPrintPtr aPlatformPrint)
void setWindow (in nsPluginWindowPtr aWindow)
void start ()
void stop ()
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Public Attributes

readonly attribute

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