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#import "mozAccessible.h"

#import "nsIAccessibleText.h"
#import "nsIAccessibleEditableText.h"

@interface mozTextAccessible : mozAccessible
  // both of these are the same old mGeckoAccessible, but already
  // QI'd for us, to the right type, for convenience.
  nsIAccessibleText         *mGeckoTextAccessible;         // strong
  nsIAccessibleEditableText *mGeckoEditableTextAccessible; // strong

/* A combobox (in the mac world) is a textfield with an associated menu, for example
   the location bar. */
@interface mozComboboxAccessible : mozTextAccessible
// equivalent to pressing return key in this textfield.
- (void)confirm;

// shows the menu for this combobox.
- (void)showMenu;

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