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nsAString Class Reference

#include <nsStringAPI.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsAString:

nsStringContainer nsDependentSubstring nsString nsCheapString nsDependentString

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Detailed Description

This header provides wrapper classes around the frozen string API which are roughly equivalent to the internal string classes.

Definition at line 57 of file nsStringAPI.h.

Public Types

typedef PRUnichar char_type
typedef PRInt32(* ComparatorFunc )(const char_type *a, const char_type *b, PRUint32 length)
typedef PRUint32 index_type
typedef nsAString self_type
typedef PRUint32 size_type

Public Member Functions

 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) ToInteger(nsresult *aErrorCode
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) AppendInt(int aInt
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) RFindChar(char_type aChar) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) FindChar(char_type aChar
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) RFind(const char *aStr
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) RFind(const self_type &aStr
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) Find(const char *aStr
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) Find(const self_type &aStr
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) LowerCaseEqualsLiteral(const char *aASCIIString) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) operator<
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) operator<(const char_type *other) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) operator<(const self_type &other) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) Equals(const self_type &other
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) Equals(const char_type *other
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) Compare(const self_type &other
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) Compare(const char_type *other
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) Trim(const char *aSet
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) StripWhitespace()
 NS_HIDDEN_ (self_type &) operator+
 NS_HIDDEN_ (self_type &) operator
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) Assign(const char_type *aData
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) Assign(const self_type &aString)
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) IsVoid() const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (void) SetIsVoid(PRBool val)
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) IsEmpty() const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (size_type) Length() const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRBool) SetLength(PRUint32 aLen)
 NS_HIDDEN_ (char_type *) EndWriting()
 NS_HIDDEN_ (char_type *) BeginWriting(PRUint32
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRUint32) BeginWriting(char_type **begin
 NS_HIDDEN_ (char_type) First() const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (char_type) operator[](PRUint32 aPos) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (char_type) CharAt(PRUint32 aPos) const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (const char_type *) EndReading() const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (const char_type *) BeginReading() const
 NS_HIDDEN_ (PRUint32) BeginReading(const char_type **begin

Static Public Member Functions

static NS_HIDDEN_ (PRInt32) DefaultComparator(const char_type *a

Public Attributes

PRBool aIgnoreCase
PRBool aLeading = PR_TRUE
size_type aLength
PRUint32 aOffset = 0) const
PRUint32 aRadix = 10) const
PRInt32 aRadix = 10)
PRBool PRBool aTrailing = PR_TRUE)
static const char_type * b
ComparatorFunc c = DefaultComparator ) const
char_type ** end = nsnull
const char_type ** end = nsnull) const
static const char_type PRUint32 length
char_type PRUint32 newSize = PR_UINT32_MAX)

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