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gfxRGBA Struct Reference

#include <gfxColor.h>

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Detailed Description

A color value, storing red, green, blue and alpha components. This class does not use premultiplied alpha.

XXX should this use doubles (instead of gfxFloat), for consistency with cairo?

Definition at line 159 of file gfxColor.h.

Public Types

enum  PackedColorType {

Public Member Functions

 gfxRGBA (PRUint32 c, PackedColorType colorType=PACKED_ABGR)
 gfxRGBA (gfxFloat _r, gfxFloat _g, gfxFloat _b, gfxFloat _a=1.0)
 gfxRGBA (const gfxRGBA &c)
PRUint32 Packed (PackedColorType colorType=PACKED_ABGR) const

Public Attributes

gfxFloat a
gfxFloat b
gfxFloat g
gfxFloat r

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