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virtual PRBool nsIContent::AttrValueIs ( PRInt32  aNameSpaceID,
nsIAtom *  aName,
const nsAString aValue,
nsCaseTreatment  aCaseSensitive 
) const [inline, virtual, inherited]

Test whether this content node's given attribute has the given value. If the attribute is not set at all, this will return false.

aNameSpaceID The namespace ID of the attribute. Must not be kNameSpaceID_Unknown.
aName The name atom of the attribute. Must not be null.
aValue The value to compare to.
aCaseSensitive Whether to do a case-sensitive compare on the value.

Reimplemented in nsGenericElement.

Definition at line 318 of file nsIContent.h.

Referenced by nsNode3Tearoff::AreNodesEqual(), nsXULTemplateBuilder::CompileWhereCondition(), nsXULTreeBuilder::EnsureSortVariables(), nsObjectLoadingContent::GetPluginSupportState(), nsXULTreeBuilder::GetTemplateActionCellFor(), and nsDisplayXULEventRedirector::HitTest().

    return PR_FALSE;

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