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typedef nsIAtom* const* const nsIContent::AttrValuesArray [inherited]

Check whether this content node's given attribute has one of a given list of values. If there is a match, we return the index in the list of the first matching value. If there was no attribute at all, then we return ATTR_MISSING. If there was an attribute but it didn't match, we return ATTR_VALUE_NO_MATCH. A non-negative result always indicates a match.

aNameSpaceID The namespace ID of the attribute. Must not be kNameSpaceID_Unknown.
aName The name atom of the attribute. Must not be null.
aValues a NULL-terminated array of pointers to atom values to test against.
aCaseSensitive Whether to do a case-sensitive compare on the values.
ATTR_MISSING, ATTR_VALUE_NO_MATCH or the non-negative index indicating the first value of aValues that matched

Definition at line 365 of file nsIContent.h.

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