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virtual nsresult nsIFrame::GetRenderedText ( nsAString aAppendToString = nsnull,
gfxSkipChars aSkipChars = nsnull,
gfxSkipCharsIterator aSkipIter = nsnull,
PRUint32  aSkippedStartOffset = 0,
PRUint32  aSkippedMaxLength = PR_UINT32_MAX 
) [inline, virtual, inherited]

Append the rendered text to the passed-in string. The appended text will often not contain all the whitespace from source, depending on whether the CSS rule "white-space: pre" is active for this frame. if aStartOffset + aLength goes past end, or if aLength is not specified then use the text up to the string's end. Call this on the primary frame for a text node.

aAppendToString String to append text to, or null if text should not be returned
aSkipChars if aSkipIter is non-null, this must also be non-null. This gets used as backing data for the iterator so it should outlive the iterator.
aSkipIter Where to fill in the gfxSkipCharsIterator info, or null if not needed by caller
aStartOffset Skipped (rendered text) start offset
aSkippedMaxLength Maximum number of characters to return The iterator can be used to map content offsets to offsets in the returned string, or vice versa.

Definition at line 1490 of file nsIFrame.h.

Referenced by nsHyperTextAccessible::GetPosAndText().


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