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virtual nsIFrame* nsIFrame::GetFirstChild ( nsIAtom *  aListName  )  const [pure virtual]

Get the first child frame from the specified child list.

aListName the name of the child list. A NULL pointer for the atom name means the unnamed principal child list
the child frame, or NULL if there is no such child
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Implemented in nsContainerFrame, nsFrame, CanvasFrame, ViewportFrame, nsTableFrame, and nsTableOuterFrame.

Referenced by nsLayoutUtils::CalculateContentBottom(), nsHyperTextAccessible::GetCaretLineNumber(), nsLayoutUtils::GetFrameTransparency(), nsLayoutUtils::GetLastContinuationWithChild(), nsTableFrame::InsertFrames(), nsListControlFrame::PaintFocus(), PeekOffset(), PeekOffsetParagraph(), nsContainerFrame::PositionChildViews(), nsInlineFrame::ReparentFloatsForInlineChild(), and nsFrameManager::ReResolveStyleContext().

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