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nsIView Class Reference

#include <nsIView.h>

Inherited by nsView.

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Detailed Description

View interface

Views are NOT reference counted. Use the Destroy() member function to destroy a view.

The lifetime of the view hierarchy is bounded by the lifetime of the view manager that owns the views.

Most of the methods here are read-only. To set the corresponding properties of a view, go through nsIViewManager.

Definition at line 119 of file nsIView.h.

Public Member Functions

nsresult CreateWidget (const nsIID &aWindowIID, nsWidgetInitData *aWidgetInitData=nsnull, nsNativeWidget aNative=nsnull, PRBool aEnableDragDrop=PR_TRUE, PRBool aResetVisibility=PR_TRUE, nsContentType aWindowType=eContentTypeInherit, nsIWidget *aParentWidget=nsnull)
void Destroy ()
void DisownWidget ()
virtual PRBool ExternalIsRoot () const
nsRect GetBounds () const
void * GetClientData () const
nsIViewGetFirstChild () const
PRBool GetFloating () const
virtual nsIWidgetGetNearestWidget (nsPoint *aOffset) const
nsIViewGetNextSibling () const
nsPoint GetOffsetTo (const nsIView *aOther) const
nsIViewGetParent () const
nsPoint GetPosition () const
nsIntPoint GetScreenPosition () const
nsIViewManager * GetViewManager () const
nsViewVisibility GetVisibility () const
nsIWidgetGetWidget () const
nsViewZIndex GetZIndex () const
PRBool HasWidget () const
PRBool IsRoot () const
PRBool NeedsInvalidateFrameOnScroll () const
void SetClientData (void *aData)
void SetDeletionObserver (nsWeakView *aDeletionObserver)
void SetInvalidateFrameOnScroll ()
virtual nsIScrollableViewToScrollableView ()

Static Public Member Functions

static nsIViewGetViewFor (nsIWidget *aWidget)

Protected Attributes

void * mClientData
nsWeakView * mDeletionObserver
nsRect mDimBounds
nsView * mFirstChild
nsView * mNextSibling
float mOpacity
nsView * mParent
nscoord mPosX
nscoord mPosY
PRUint32 mVFlags
nsViewManager * mViewManager
nsViewVisibility mVis
PRInt32 mZIndex


class nsWeakView

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