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nsINavBookmarksService Interface Reference

import "nsINavBookmarksService.idl";

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Detailed Description

The BookmarksService interface provides methods for managing bookmarked history items. Bookmarks consist of a set of user-customizable folders. A URI in history can be contained in one or more such folders.

Definition at line 193 of file nsINavBookmarksService.idl.

Public Member Functions

void addObserver (in nsINavBookmarkObserver observer, in boolean ownsWeak)
void changeBookmarkURI (in long long aItemId, in nsIURI aNewURI)
long long createDynamicContainer (in long long aParentFolder, in AUTF8String aName, in AString aContractId, in long aIndex)
long long createFolder (in long long aParentFolder, in AUTF8String name, in long index)
nsIURI getBookmarkedURIFor (in nsIURI aURI)
void getBookmarkIdsForURI (in nsIURI aURI, out unsigned long count,[array, retval, size_is(count)] out long long bookmarks)
void getBookmarkIdsForURITArray (in nsIURI aURI, in PRInt64Array aResult)
nsIURI getBookmarkURI (in long long aItemId)
long long getChildFolder (in long long aFolder, in AString aSubFolder)
long long getFolderIdForItem (in long long aItemId)
boolean getFolderReadonly (in long long aFolder)
long long getIdForItemAt (in long long aFolder, in long aIndex)
PRTime getItemDateAdded (in long long aItemId)
AString getItemGUID (in long long aItemId)
long long getItemIdForGUID (in AString aGUID)
long getItemIndex (in long long aItemId)
PRTime getItemLastModified (in long long aItemId)
AUTF8String getItemTitle (in long long aItemId)
unsigned short getItemType (in long long aItemId)
AString getKeywordForBookmark (in long long aItemId)
AString getKeywordForURI (in nsIURI aURI)
nsITransaction getRemoveFolderTransaction (in long long aFolder)
nsIURI getURIForKeyword (in AString keyword)
long long insertBookmark (in long long aParentFolder, in nsIURI aURI, in long aIndex, in AUTF8String aTitle)
long long insertSeparator (in long long aFolder, in long aIndex)
boolean isBookmarked (in nsIURI aURI)
void moveItem (in long long aItemId, in long long aNewParent, in long aIndex)
void removeChildAt (in long long aFolder, in long aIndex)
void removeFolder (in long long aFolder)
void removeFolderChildren (in long long aFolder)
void removeItem (in long long aItemId)
void removeObserver (in nsINavBookmarkObserver observer)
void runInBatchMode (in nsINavHistoryBatchCallback aCallback, in nsISupports aUserData)
void setFolderReadonly (in long long aFolder, in boolean aReadOnly)
void setItemDateAdded (in long long aItemId, in PRTime aDateAdded)
void setItemGUID (in long long aItemId, in AString aGUID)
void setItemIndex (in long long aItemId, in long aNewIndex)
void setItemLastModified (in long long aItemId, in PRTime aLastModified)
void setItemTitle (in long long aItemId, in AUTF8String aTitle)
void setKeywordForBookmark (in long long aItemId, in AString aKeyword)
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) Release(void)=0
 NS_IMETHOD_ (nsrefcnt) AddRef(void)=0
NS_IMETHOD QueryInterface (REFNSIID aIID, void **aInstancePtr)=0

Public Attributes

readonly attribute long long bookmarksMenuFolder
const short DEFAULT_INDEX = -1
readonly attribute long long placesRoot
readonly attribute long long tagsFolder
readonly attribute long long toolbarFolder
const unsigned short TYPE_BOOKMARK = 1
const unsigned short TYPE_DYNAMIC_CONTAINER = 4
const unsigned short TYPE_FOLDER = 2
const unsigned short TYPE_SEPARATOR = 3
readonly attribute long long unfiledBookmarksFolder

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