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nsAccessibleTreeWalker Class Reference

#include <nsAccessibleTreeWalker.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is used to walk the DOM tree. It skips everything but nodes that either implement nsIAccessibleProvider or have primary frames that implement "GetAccessible"

Definition at line 70 of file nsAccessibleTreeWalker.h.

Public Member Functions

NS_IMETHOD GetFirstChild ()
NS_IMETHOD GetNextSibling ()
 nsAccessibleTreeWalker (nsIWeakReference *aShell, nsIDOMNode *aContent, PRBool mWalkAnonymousContent)

Public Attributes

WalkState mState

Protected Member Functions

void ClearState ()
PRBool GetAccessible ()
void GetKids (nsIDOMNode *aParent)
void GetNextDOMNode ()
NS_IMETHOD PopState ()
NS_IMETHOD PushState ()
void UpdateFrame (PRBool aTryFirstChild)

Protected Attributes

nsCOMPtr< nsIAccessibilityService > mAccService
PRBool mWalkAnonContent
nsCOMPtr< nsIWeakReferencemWeakShell

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