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nsEvent Class Reference

#include <nsGUIEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsEvent:

nsFormEvent nsGUIEvent nsNotifyPaintEvent nsPageTransitionEvent nsPopupBlockedEvent nsScriptErrorEvent nsUIEvent nsCommandEvent nsFocusEvent nsMenuEvent nsPaintEvent nsScrollbarEvent nsSizeEvent nsSizeModeEvent nsZLevelEvent

List of all members.

Detailed Description

General event

Definition at line 431 of file nsGUIEvent.h.

Public Member Functions

 nsEvent (PRBool isTrusted, PRUint32 msg)

Public Attributes

nsCOMPtr< nsISupportscurrentTarget
PRUint8 eventStructType
PRUint32 flags
PRUint32 message
nsCOMPtr< nsISupportsoriginalTarget
nsPoint refPoint
nsCOMPtr< nsISupportstarget
PRUint32 time
nsCOMPtr< nsIAtom > userType

Protected Member Functions

 nsEvent (PRBool isTrusted, PRUint32 msg, PRUint8 structType)

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