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NS_IMETHODIMP nsAccessibleTreeWalker::PushState (  )  [protected]

Push current state on top of stack. State stack is used to navigate down to DOM/frame subtree duiring searching of accessible children.

Definition at line 150 of file nsAccessibleTreeWalker.cpp.

References ClearState(), and mState.

Referenced by GetFirstChild().

  // Duplicate mState and put right before end; reset mState; make mState the new end of the stack
  WalkState* nextToLastState= new WalkState();
  if (!nextToLastState)
  *nextToLastState = mState;  // Deep copy - copy contents of struct to new state that will be added to end of our stack
  mState.prevState = nextToLastState;   // Link to previous state
  return NS_OK;

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