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nsIImageLoadingContent Interface Reference

import "nsIImageLoadingContent.idl";

Inheritance diagram for nsIImageLoadingContent:

nsGenConImageContent nsObjectLoadingContent

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Detailed Description

This interface represents a content node that loads images. The interface exists to allow getting information on the images that the content node loads and to allow registration of observers for the image loads.

Implementors of this interface should handle all the mechanics of actually loading an image -- getting the URI, checking with content policies and the security manager to see whether loading the URI is allowed, performing the load, firing any DOM events as needed.

An implementation of this interface may support the concepts of a "current" image and a "pending" image. If it does, a request to change the currently loaded image will start a "pending" request which will become current only when the image is loaded. It is the responsibility of observers to check which request they are getting notifications for.

Observers added in mid-load will not get any notifications they missed. We should NOT freeze this interface without considering this issue. (It could be that the image status on imgIRequest is sufficient, when combined with the imageBlockingStatus information.)

Definition at line 68 of file nsIImageLoadingContent.idl.

Public Member Functions

void addObserver (in imgIDecoderObserver aObserver)
void forceReload ()
imgIRequest getRequest (in long aRequestType)
long getRequestType (in imgIRequest aRequest)
nsIStreamListener loadImageWithChannel (in nsIChannel aChannel)
void removeObserver (in imgIDecoderObserver aObserver)

Public Attributes

const long CURRENT_REQUEST = 0
readonly attribute nsIURI currentURI
readonly attribute short imageBlockingStatus
attribute boolean loadingEnabled
const long PENDING_REQUEST = 1
const long UNKNOWN_REQUEST = -1

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