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XPCDispConvert Class Reference

#include <XPCDispPrivate.h>

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Detailed Description

JS<>COM Conversion functions. XPCDispConvert serves more as a namespace than a class. It contains the functions to convert between JS and COM data and any helper functions needed

Definition at line 147 of file XPCDispPrivate.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static JSBool COMToJS (XPCCallContext &ccx, const VARIANT &src, jsval &dest, nsresult &err)
static JSBool JSToCOM (XPCCallContext &ccx, jsval src, VARIANT &dest, nsresult &err, JSBool isByRef=JS_FALSE)
static VARTYPE JSTypeToCOMType (XPCCallContext &ccx, jsval val)

Static Private Member Functions

static JSBool COMArrayToJSArray (XPCCallContext &ccx, const VARIANT &src, jsval &dest, nsresult &err)
static JSBool JSArrayToCOMArray (XPCCallContext &ccx, JSObject *obj, VARIANT &var, nsresult &err)

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