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nsWeakFrame Class Reference

#include <nsIFrame.h>

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Detailed Description

nsWeakFrame can be used to keep a reference to a nsIFrame in a safe way. Whenever an nsIFrame object is deleted, the nsWeakFrames pointing to it will be cleared.

Create nsWeakFrame object when it is sure that nsIFrame object is alive and after some operations which may destroy the nsIFrame (for example any DOM modifications) use IsAlive() or GetFrame() methods to check whether it is safe to continue to use the nsIFrame object.

The usage of this class should be kept to a minimum.

Definition at line 2380 of file nsIFrame.h.

Public Member Functions

void Clear (nsIPresShell *aShell)
nsIFrameGetFrame ()
nsWeakFrameGetPreviousWeakFrame ()
PRBool IsAlive ()
 nsWeakFrame (nsIFrame *aFrame)
 operator nsIFrame * ()
nsIFrameoperator-> ()
nsWeakFrameoperator= (nsIFrame *aFrame)
nsWeakFrameoperator= (nsWeakFrame &aOther)
void SetPreviousWeakFrame (nsWeakFrame *aPrev)

Private Member Functions

void Init (nsIFrame *aFrame)

Private Attributes


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