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IAccessible2 Interface Reference

import "Accessible2.idl";

Inheritance diagram for IAccessible2:

nsAccessibleWrap nsApplicationAccessible nsEnumRoleAccessible nsHTMLSelectableAccessible nsHyperTextAccessible nsLeafAccessible nsXFormsCalendarWidgetAccessible nsXULColumnsAccessible nsXULComboboxAccessible nsXULTabBoxAccessible nsXULTabpanelAccessible

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Detailed Description

This interface must always be provided for objects that support some portion of the collection of the IAccessible2 interfaces.

IAccessible2 is a subclass of MSAA's IAccessible. This is a matter of convenience, i.e. an IAccessible2 is an IAccessible so MSAA methods can be easily accessed. None of MSAA's IAccessible methods are overridden or extended.

Definition at line 108 of file Accessible2.idl.

Public Member Functions

HRESULT role ([out, retval] long *role)
 Returns the role of an IAccessible2 object.
HRESULT scrollTo ([in] enum IA2ScrollType scrollType)
 Makes an object visible on the screen.
HRESULT scrollToPoint ([in] enum IA2CoordinateType coordinateType,[in] long x,[in] long y)
 Moves the top left of an object to a specified location.


BSTR attributes [get]
 Returns the attributes specific to this IAccessible2 object, such as a cell's formula.
BSTR extendedRole [get]
 Returns the extended role.
long extendedStates ([in] long maxExtendedStates,[out, size_is(, maxExtendedStates), length_is(,*nExtendedStates)] BSTR extendedStates) [get]
 Returns the extended states (array of strings).
long groupPosition ([out] long groupLevel,[out] long similarItemsInGroup) [get]
 Returns grouping information.
long indexInParent [get]
 Returns the index of this object in its parent object.
IA2Locale locale [get]
 Returns the IA2Locale of the accessible object.
BSTR localizedExtendedRole [get]
 Returns the localized extended role.
long localizedExtendedStates ([in] long maxLocalizedExtendedStates,[out, size_is(, maxLocalizedExtendedStates), length_is(,*nLocalizedExtendedStates)] BSTR localizedExtendedStates) [get]
 Returns the localized extended states (array of strings).
long nExtendedStates [get]
 Returns the number of extended states.
long nRelations [get]
 Returns the number of accessible relations for this object.
IAccessibleRelation relation ([in] long relationIndex) [get]
 Returns one accessible relation for this object.
long relations ([in] long maxRelations,[out, size_is(maxRelations), length_is(*nRelations)] IAccessibleRelation relation) [get]
 Returns multiple accessible relations for this object.
AccessibleStates states [get]
 Returns the bit strip containing any IAccessible2 states.
long uniqueID [get]
 Returns the unique ID.
HWND windowHandle [get]
 Returns the window handle for the parent window which contains this object.

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