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void nsIDOMEvent::initEvent ( in DOMString  eventTypeArg,
in boolean  canBubbleArg,
in boolean  cancelableArg 
) [inherited]

The initEvent method is used to initialize the value of an Event created through the DocumentEvent interface. This method may only be called before the Event has been dispatched via the dispatchEvent method, though it may be called multiple times during that phase if necessary. If called multiple times the final invocation takes precedence. If called from a subclass of Event interface only the values specified in the initEvent method are modified, all other attributes are left unchanged.

eventTypeArg Specifies the event type. This type may be any event type currently defined in this specification or a new event type.. The string must be an XML name. Any new event type must not begin with any upper, lower, or mixed case version of the string "DOM". This prefix is reserved for future DOM event sets. It is also strongly recommended that third parties adding their own events use their own prefix to avoid confusion and lessen the probability of conflicts with other new events.
canBubbleArg Specifies whether or not the event can bubble.
cancelableArg Specifies whether or not the event's default action can be prevented.

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