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nsDragEvent Class Reference

#include <nsGUIEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for nsDragEvent:

nsMouseEvent_base nsGUIEvent nsEvent

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Drag event

Definition at line 759 of file nsGUIEvent.h.

Public Types

enum  buttonType { eLeftButton = 0, eMiddleButton = 1, eRightButton = 2 }
enum  contextType { eNormal, eContextMenuKey }
enum  exitType { eChild, eTopLevel }
enum  reasonType { eReal, eSynthesized }

Public Member Functions

 nsDragEvent (PRBool isTrusted, PRUint32 msg, nsIWidget *w)

Public Attributes

PRPackedBool acceptActivation
PRInt16 button
PRUint32 clickCount
 The number of mouse clicks.
contextType context: 4
nsCOMPtr< nsISupportscurrentTarget
nsCOMPtr< nsIDOMDataTransfer > dataTransfer
PRUint8 eventStructType
exitType exit
PRUint32 flags
PRPackedBool ignoreRootScrollFrame
PRBool isAlt
 PR_TRUE indicates the alt key is down.
PRBool isControl
 PR_TRUE indicates the control key is down.
PRBool isMeta
 PR_TRUE indicates the meta key is down (or, on Mac, the Command key).
PRBool isShift
 PR_TRUE indicates the shift key is down.
PRUint32 message
void * nativeMsg
 Internal platform specific message.
nsCOMPtr< nsISupportsoriginalTarget
reasonType reason: 4
nsPoint refPoint
nsCOMPtr< nsISupportsrelatedTarget
 The possible related target.
nsCOMPtr< nsISupportstarget
PRUint32 time
PRPackedBool userCancelled
nsCOMPtr< nsIAtom > userType
nsCOMPtr< nsIWidgetwidget
 Originator of the event.

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