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template<class KeyClass, class DataType, class UserDataType>
PRBool nsBaseHashtable< KeyClass, DataType, UserDataType >::Put ( KeyType  aKey,
UserDataType  aData 
) [inline, inherited]

put a new value for the associated key

aKey the key to put
aData the new data
always PR_TRUE, unless memory allocation failed

Reimplemented in nsBaseHashtableMT< KeyClass, DataType, UserDataType >.

Definition at line 143 of file nsBaseHashtable.h.

Referenced by nsXULTemplateQueryProcessorRDF::AddMemoryElements(), nsXULContentBuilder::CreateContainerContentsForQuerySet(), nsXULDocument::DoneWalking(), nsBaseHashtableMT< KeyClass, DataType, UserDataType >::Put(), nsXULDocument::ResumeWalk(), and nsXULTemplateBuilder::UpdateResultInContainer().

    EntryType* ent = PutEntry(aKey);

    if (!ent)
      return PR_FALSE;

    ent->mData = aData;

    return PR_TRUE;

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