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nsresult nsGenericElement::doQuerySelector ( nsINode aRoot,
const nsAString aSelector,
nsIDOMElement **  aReturn 
) [static, inherited]

Helper methods for implementing querySelector/querySelectorAll

Definition at line 5216 of file nsGenericElement.cpp.

  NS_PRECONDITION(aReturn, "Null out param?");

  nsAutoPtr<nsCSSSelectorList> selectorList;
  nsPresContext* presContext;
  nsresult rv = ParseSelectorList(aRoot, aSelector,

  nsIContent* foundElement = nsnull;
  TryMatchingElementsInSubtree(aRoot, nsnull, presContext, selectorList,
                               FindFirstMatchingElement, &foundElement);

  if (foundElement) {
    return CallQueryInterface(foundElement, aReturn);

  *aReturn = nsnull;
  return NS_OK;

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